Please Note: You will be charged an initial 30 + Vat (36) as an inspection fee, this will be deducted from the final cost of repair or off replacement like for like goods purchased from us at our current store price.
You decide this when we contact you with your estimate, otherwise the charge covers our time if you decided not to proceed with repair or replacement

  Guide to charges

Service "call out" charges

Within our service area completed on site:

TV Audio DVD Labour 37.50 + vat (45)
Plus 5 + vat (6) per additional item
if just a set up required

Kitchen appliances 41.67 + vat (50) 

    or .....

Collection & Re-delivery charge, within our service area
30 + vat (36)
Bench work charges to the right will then apply for chargeable jobs instead of the call out charge shown above


"Bench work" charges

We will provide you with an estimate & some advise on the general condition before we undertake repair.

Should the situation change dramatically during the repair process we will revert to the estimate position again before we continue and you may decide if you still wish for us to proceed or if you prefer a replacement.
i.e. It may not be until a unit is powered up and working again we are able to determine if any further damage has been caused so you may then decide to continue or call it a day, the choice will still be yours

We pride ourselves on our reputation
and the service we offer


Minor repairs: (Sorted within 15 mins)
30 labour + VAT (36) + Parts

Major repairs: (Upto 1 hour)
40 + Vat (48) + parts
Each hour or part thereafter: 20 + vat (24)