Guidance for Frontline Retail Staff
It is likely that customers may ask retail staff about the recall and steps to take if their appliance is affected. We would like to reassure you that Whirlpool will manage all customer communications and recall processes directly.

It is vital that as part of this recall Whirlpool directly arrange for the free collection and disposal of affected washing machines from customers’ homes. For replacement washing machines there will be no delivery charges.

Please guide all customers to speak directly to Whirlpool’s dedicated customer service team on 0800 316 1442 or by visiting

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This is an official recall programme as agreed with the UK regulator, the Office for Product Safety & Standards (OPSS). In order that we can accurately monitor and report on the progress of this recall all customers must be directed to us for a resolution that we complete.

Registration Process:

The process involves identification of affected models initially, followed by customer registration and then serial number identification. This process ensures we accurately monitor and report on the progress made and can track what each customer has been advised. Each registration is given a unique reference code with a follow up email, hopefully avoiding any confusion with the advice given to each respective customer.

With regard to queries on rating plate identification, there are 4 images, 2 x Indesit and 2 x Hotpoint. The process will not progress to the next stage if the wrong image is selected. This is designed to help the customer identity the correct serial number on their machine and how many digits to enter.

If the customer does not have an email address please use: