The Night of October 28th 2010
Signal 1 joined us with medium Heavenly Helen for a spooky sleep over at our Hylands Longton branch


The idea was a bit of fun and publicity for Hyland's, but also I was curious as odd things have been reported to me by many people and a group from Spi-rit had done an investigation back in July, they had found 2 male spirits and a female one, they had even given us a name and nickname. We purposely didn't let slip prior to Signals arrival what the previous mediums had told us, this was a test to see if it was all 'Mumbo jumbo' or not, I only told Helen of the previous mediums visit upon her arrival and we wanted to see if her findings would match. (Putting the pressure on her somewhat)

The first thing to stand out was Helen was overcome with the strongest sense of activity in exactly the same places the previous mediums had been,
it's a large old building and like a maze, so odd she felt the strongest things in the same places and not hit and miss as you would expect.

She also came up with a name Elizabeth when she first entered the building, later I was looking through the old deeds for the building we had got out especially as we didn't know much about the history and I found some old plans for the whole block - each property had a name and Hyland's was named 'Elizabeth' on these old plans (Helen hadn't seen these)

The previous mediums had told us that they detected 3 spirits - 2 male and 1 female
 and also given us a name of John Edward Ramsey - who was also know by a nickname (That he didn't like people he didn't know using) of Jake

Helen came up with a female and named her Mary (She mainly wanders our first floor cooker room keeping herself to herself - there was a Mary Frances Cunliffe mentioned in the Deed's who dies 8th Sept 1948 - she was related to John Henry Cunliffe-Boardman who owned the building and who died 11th Dec 1917, the block was originally known as Boardman Buildings)
and as we progressed around the building she sensed 3 other spirits, somehow she got the name of Edward and thought he also went by the name of 'Jed'
(Incredibly similar without any clues - Helen tuned into this name that we had previously been given)

She also gave us another name and a description (We are keeping this logged but to ourselves as a test for future investigations)
The only menacing spirit was the one in our attic rooms - she felt as though someone had been trapped up there at some point and also felt an energy trying to push her at the top of the stairs, she felt as though someone had fallen down the stairs and she and some of the others saw a dark shadow behind Perry near the spot my daughter and taken the strange shadow photo below:-

Photo taken unwittingly early 2010
Note the small hole in the wall and debris on the floor to pinpoint the shadow
This wall hasn't been painted for 40+ years

Helen by this wall in one of the attic rooms Oct 28th - not happy



Andy (Hyland's Longton - Branch Manager) with the doors in the cellar that can open and close, the cellar used to be joined to the shop next door and the girls in the chemist next door have also experienced some of the things we have in our cellar.


A grunting noise in your ear

Dark shadows

The smell of old pipe tobacco

Air movement as though being blown in the face
There are no windows and the old street skylights have been filled in


The Staircase into the loft rooms
Helen felt as though someone wanted to push her down the stairs here

<<< Click on the image to open in a new window larger as you need to look close

Is that an orb at the top of the stairs?

Signal Radio's Perry Spiller has a laugh with Louise

Perry is a sceptic like myself, but both he and Louise heard a grunting noise in this room on the top floor later in the night

Louise & Helen heard it first, they fetched Perry and some of the technicians in, one of whom then heard it, Perry was still sceptical when he suddenly heard it too and was visibly shocked it seemed as though it actually hurt his ear according to Rebecca

You can hear this for yourself if you click the link when you get to the bottom of this page as it happened while on air

The staircase leading up to the unused upper floors

Is anybody there?

Me (Robert Hyland)

"What was that noise!"


In one of the unused 2nd floor rooms above our cooker room

As a sceptic I kept a low profile on the night wandering around away from the group, with all the people around it wasn't as scary as I'd expected and I wanted to see some hard proof first. (Not to mention I'd feel foolish as a very logical thinking type of chap)

The only odd thing I witnessed on my own, I was looking at the old deeds in the showroom and a picture frame fell off it's hook, didn't scare me but the picture was of Paul Fairclough's Signal 2 radio show in Nov 2008, odd it should fall while Signal were in the building again.

Signal Radios mission control
set up in a disused room at the back
of the building on the top floor




Time of shots from image properties


21.44.04 pm        21.44.10 pm



These two photos taken in rapid succession, as many were,
one is clear the next is orb central with one big one near the sofa

<<< Click on the images to open in a new larger window as you will need to look close


Image as taken      Close up view


Now is it just me or does this orb appear to have a face?

<<< Click on the images to open in a new larger window as you need to look close


Signal Radio's Louise Stones
on air

Looking out over Longton she announces
No way I'm sleeping here... I've already booked "Sid's" (Taxi's)

Perry & Trevor did brave the night sleeping over, as did we for security - Not as planned in the cellar but on the showroom floor.

A bit more homely after what happened next .....


Louise found our bubble wrap in the cellar

Pop Pop Popperty Pop...



Maybe it was 'Pop music' ?

Now that jokes enough to make any ghost groan

After the show ended at midnight Helen did a calling in the cellar, during this my daughters hat fell off.

She had worn it all night, did she look up somehow dislodging it? Did it just work off? or was it pulled of by some unseen hand playing with us?

What happened next makes you wonder .....


Not long after this Andy felt his right hand being pushed upwards.

  Time of shots from image properties


12.19pm          12.23pm


This photo is when Andy's arm was being raised in the cellar

But the one taken just a few minutes before by me shows an orb on Andy's back

<<< Click on the images to open in a new larger window as you need to look close

Then Becki felt her right hand being pushed upwards from the underside, both hands had been cold and her right hand became warm and sweaty then at this point
something very weird happened....

Becki's jumper on her wrist about down to just below where the zig zag pattern is started to move and twitch, she felt as though someone was squeezing her wrist.

Now I'm a sceptic like Perry and unless I'd seen a white mist with 2 wavy arms and 3 holes for eyes and a mouth then I suppose whatever happened I'd just say mmmmmmmm okay

But this was weird, it was moving and looked like her jumper was boiling and bubbling up in just a 4" area

Andy's hand was well away from this area as well !!!


We made it through the night

Next morning after only a few hours sleep
(with one eye open)

Signal 1's breakfast show 6am - 10am was broadcast live from the store

Now it gets even odder

Becki came out in a faint purple bruise all around her right wrist

Hard to show on a photo, but it goes all the way around her wrist top and bottom.

Now I'm her Dad and I know she hate's anything around her wrist, she never wears a watch and even me putting my watch on my wrist goes through her.

This isn't a joke and I'm still a sceptic as it wasn't a white misty figure I saw, but I have no explanation for what I did see and very close up with my own eyes



Poor Andy - He has to work at number 24 The Stand Longton - will he ever dare to go upstairs again!!!!



Since this we have had other investigation teams come in - this was one of them