Before returning a product to us or requesting a call out please check your instruction book trouble shooting section, many products are computerised now-a-days it can also be worth turning the power off for a while to see if the problem will reset itself. Try unplugging refrigeration for longer to manually defrost (even frost free products)

If the above doesn't help then please follow the instructions below:

Gas appliances & Refrigeration
The manufacturer handle these directly - follow as Under warranty

TV's - Washing machine - Tumble dryer - Dishwasher - Electric Cooker/Oven/Hob - etc  Follow the links below

Under Warranty?

Customer should phone


020 8247 3980


0191 387 0804

Hisense TVs

0333 800 2200

Hisense Kitchen appliances

0191 387 0804

Hisense microwave

0333 600 4004

Hisense vacuum cleaners

0333 123 7800

Or for issues try customer care on:  


Out of warranty

If you live within our service area book a Job with us on

 01782 501515
or online below

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Spares & accessories?

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